Sports Fantics

The British humourist Denis Norden said:

“It’s a funny kind of month, October. For the really keen cricket fan it’s when you discover that your wife left you in May.”

In South Africa for the rugby fantic that funny month would probably be January.


Logos after economic downturn

How various logos are likely to look like when the crisis is over:


Free Bruce Springsteen Song


Bruce Springsteen has joined the growing trend of musicians to give away free digital music to promote new albums. In this case it is Springsteen’s album “Working on a Dream”, which is to be released shortly.

One of the places that that the single, titled “Life Itself”, is available is  Channel24 .

As far as the song goes on first listening not too shabby, I think it could grow on me after a couple more listens. Why  don’t you download it and take a listen and see what you think

This Day in History: 17/01/1933

Douglas Jardine, the captain of the English "Body-line" Team

Douglas Jardine, the captain of the English "Body-line" Team

A telegram was received by the MCC at Lords Cricket Ground from the Australian Cricket Board:

“Body-line bowling has assumed such proportions as to meance the best interests of the game, making protection of his body by a batsman his main consideration. It is causing intensely bitter feeling between players as well as injury to them. In our opinion it is unsportsmanlike. Unless it is stopped at once it is likely to upset the friendly relations existing between Australia and England.”

The third test was being played at Adelaide. Jardine captained England. The body-line bowler was Larwood. In the Australian team was Bradman; two of his team mates had been injured by head-high bowling.

Bayete KZN Wildlife

White Rhino

White Rhino

A week visit up to the Elephant coast or Zululand and Maputoland area, particularly Hluhluwe-iMfolozi, made me appreciate KwaZulu-Natal’s rich and beautiful wildlife heritage.


Robert Russell in his book “Natal the Land and its Story”, written in 1910, wrote:


“For ages countless numbers of wild animals of nearly every kind found almost undisturbed homes in the vast stretches of neutral (sic) uninhabited country that surrounded every large South African tribe. But as the land became peopled by rifle-carrying white man, the need of pasture for his flocks and herds, the love of sport, and especially the gain to be made from the skins, horns and ivory, gradually thinned out and drove inland the denizens of the veld and the forest. Persons now living have hunted in Natal the elephant, the lion, the buffalo, the quagga, the gnu or wildebeest, the blesbok, the gemsbok, and the ostrich. Their fathers have probably seen in addition to these, the rhinoceros, and the giraffe.”

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Toplist: My Top Listened to Musical Artists of 2008

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